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Timmy Ossman is the son of Bob Knodel. He is perhaps the most popular anti-Flat Earther on Youtube. His real name is unknown but he allegedly lives in Denver, Colorado. He is known for sending unsolicited d*** picks to Flat Earth women, intending to "take all the Flat Earth pussy" away from the cult. So far, no Flat Earth women have taken him up on his offer.


He's a huge fan of Elon Musk and fully expects to land on Mars by this time next year.

In his own words, he is "...determined to help those so inclined to hold high regard and influence towards governmental / PR monkey psy-op memes such as the flat earth sophism trojan horse. We need flat earth mental asylum cohesion through rhythm and rhyme to discombobulate the absurdities of illogical reasoning that arise from such meme dogma and echo chamber community based biases, and that is where we come in."

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Tim Ossman is in an open relationship with Brenda Von Ahsen.