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Robbie Davidson, Enclosed Creationist and Flat Earth International Conference organizer is an expert on Scientism, which is what Flat Earthers call scientific evidence which contradicts their beliefs.


In Robbie's case, Scientists are denying the existence of God's Firmament Dome, Science being a tool of Satan to hide God. Robbie Davidson has learned that finding God also means finding lots of MONEY.


His new book is coming out, and thanks to God's Glory, it's at a reduced price:

"Get ready! My first book is coming out next month and it’s a book like no other. If you liked my films Scientism Exposed 1 & 2 you’re going to love this! I’m very excited to release ‘Scientism Exposed: Hiding The True Creator Of Creation’ in paperback, e-book and audiobook. Get your special pre-order autographed copy today for a reduced price! Go to thanks for all your continued support of my work. All for HIS GLORY! Blessings"

This is the billboard design that will be put up for Flat Earth International Conference Canada 2018 happening Aug 9-10th in Edmonton, Alberta.

Because if there's anything that boosts the legitamacy of a science denying cult is an effective billboard campaign.