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Marcus Goldfinch is the latest celebrity to come out as a Christian Flattard. As a former orc in Lord of The Rings and stunt double in the Power Rangers, Marcus is perfectly at home in the reality challenged, medieval mind-set of the Flattard. He and his brother David Goldfinch work for the Christian Broadcasting Network.

He is known also as Marcus Paul but his "personal training" clients call him "Rentboy."


He's a Les Mills qualified fitness instructor and reputed to be a personal masseuse for John Travolta and several other closeted gay Scientologists. He's a trainer at FitSamoa & Fit685 where he preaches "Inspiration! Motivation! and Transformation!"

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Marcus Goldfinch, or MG as he is known, did stunt coordination for Flat Earth Productions, and was a stunt double for the Pink Power Ranger.


The Director of Travel Samoa, an Amazon Prime Exlusive used his social media savvy to start the conspiracy theory that David Hogg is a crisis actor. Like many Flat Eathers, Marcus Goldfinch clearly believes that school shootings are fake.

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MGTV Truth is his YouTube channel with a considearable 2 million subscribers that usually posts videos about pedophilia rings, Flat Earth and other conspiracies. His copy of the Hogg news report had hundreds of thousands of views and thousandss of comments. Before the video was removed “for violating YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying,” MGTV Truth implored viewers to copy it and post it to their own channels. MGTV Truth was clearly being a bully here.


MGTV Truth and other right wing YouTube trolls claim YouTube is trying to censor the video to hide the truth about Hogg. That’s how the economy of these videos works. They’re boosted on sites such as 4chan before making their way to YouTube, bouncing from channel to channel and never fully die. By the time YouTube has stomped all of them out, the rumor has made the rounds and the schmucks who posted the video have done their jobs.