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Josh Walker, Flat Earther, faked a coma in order to raise money for his Flat Earth activism. This was after participating in a "scientific" experiment which proved the Earth to be Flat in the minds of the Flat Earthers who took part.


After the Flat Earth Salton Sea test debunked the Flat Earth theory, Josh Walker collapsed. His Gofundme scampaign is still raising money, despite the fact that he was out of the hospital the next day. According to the crowdfund site (

"So ill that he had to be rushed to the ICU. Where has been since Thursday night. He was on deaths door step. The doctors said they’ve never seen a case as bad as his and he was lucky he got to the hospital in time or else he would not have made it."[edit]


That picture, ostensibly taken at a hospital, doesn't appear to depict someone on "death's door", nor does he have an update on his site that he's not still suffering in a hospital bed. This is just one more example of a Biblical Literalist Flat Earther cheating the gullible.


The other members of his cult, such as Mark Sargent and Patricia Steere, have both endorsed Josh Walker's campaign.


The scam was exposed when Josh Walker was caught trolling the livestreams of other Flattards while he was supposed to be dead. If his medical condition is so bad, then why doesn't he have insurance? Why is he collecting funds from