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Jake Gibson, the "Flat Earth Asshole", is a popular Youtuber known for screaming epithets while watching television programs by Bill Nye and other pop scientists.


On July 19, 2018, Jake Gibson accused fellow Flat Earth Cult Leaders Eric Dubay and Math Powerland of murdering a young Flat Earth Groupie named "Faith Irene":

"Jake The Asshole--I think these two sh*t bags have been working together behind the scenes and I think I am prove it. They are both connected to the same missing woman. Want to know more? Tune in tonight at 7pm Pacific/ 10pm Eastern time right here on this channel."


Here is the evidence that Math Powerland and Eric Dubai murdered Faith Irene. Like all "Flat Earth evidence", it's based on lines drawn with crayons and a whole lot of methamphetamine fueled rants: