Human Sheeple

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Human Sheeple is the moniker of a certain FAT Greek Flat Earther who admits to having "sexual relations" with sheep (source [1] ). He's been a Flat Earther his whole life and now that he has the Internet, he can mingle with other similarly damaged people.


He brings spirit levels on airplanes to prove Flat Earth and he claims that airplanes run on compressed air. He's also been kicked off of several commercial airline flights for his flatulence and unwillingness to wear fresh adult diapers. Somehow, he managed to find a woman to marry him and they have already procreated. He has several kids who he abuses with Flat Earth brainwashing. His wife is also apparently cool with Human Sheeples bestiality.

Three or four people have accused him of being a sex-offender.


Human Sheeple also claims to have measured the Earth's "lack of curve."


Human Sheeple is in an open relationship with Karen B. Endecott and Marcus Goldfinch.