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Eric Dubai is a Yoga instructor and Tae Boe prize fighter and self-proclaimed progenitor of Flat Earth.


Eric is a self-taught reincarnated Yoga Master who spent years in isolation reading Mein Kampf while doing the Downward Dog Yoga posture. He secretly joined the NAZI Party and publicly pronounced his allegiance to Ethno-European Nationalism. "Europe for Europeans" became his mantra.


Yoga led to Kundalini awakenings and Eric became a full blown New Age worshiper and sex magic practitioner. He learned how to be the future cult leader he would mature into. People flocked to him for his Yoga, but stayed for the Neo-Nazi rants.


He fled to Thailand after being physically chased by Bill Blank's son, from whom Dubai stole his signature Yoga routine. It was then that Flat Earth came into his life.


There, Dubai married a princess and took up Flat Earthing on Youtube for a living. His pitch was not any more or less ridiculous than that of other Flat Earth cult leaders. His explanation for the cause of the Flat Earth deception, however, was wildly at variance with the other Flat Earth exponents. In Dubai's universe, the Jews invented the globe in enslave the Goyim.


When not cross-dressing and ranting at the camera, he's calmly robo-reading (NOTE: Stephen Hawking has more emotion in his voice than Eric Dubai.) other people's books to a slide show of other people's memes. 99% of the memes Eric Dubai uses are stolen from Jake Gibson, the Flat Earth Asshole.