Axolotl Peyotl

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Axolotl Peyotl is the #1 editor at and trolls the Flat Earth community under many other monikers. This person has an estimated 200 sock accounts on Youtube to stalk Flattards.

His real name is not known as of right now, but he is known to ALL Reddit users.

He is also known to censor "Pizzagate" threads, and is an open supporter of pederasty.

His is known to have pretended to be a woman to solicit dick pics of Flat Earthers with high subscription counts on Youtube, presumable to blackmail them, but certainly to masterbate over.

A list of his aliases:

Jaimie Thompson

David Thompson (see DThompson )

He stalks Jeran from Globebusters and continually makes comments about how Jeran's wife is unfaithful. He hates Flat Earth enough to make it really personal. Meanwhile, his own identity remains a mystery.