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Drain Cleaner – How to Remove Sewer Clogs?

drain cleaner is an active liquid material that clogs sewer pipes or drains that are blocked by other materials like leaves, twigs, soil, etc. The word drain can also refer to a mechanism like a pipe wrench ENDPARAM

The clog could be caused by a number of factors. But the basic reason for the clogging is the accumulation of fecal matter and other debris in the drainpipe due to insufficient flow of water or blocked drains.

A drain cleaner can be used for cleaning up a clog in different forms including a simple plunger and its mechanical counterpart, the drain auger. A drain auger is a device used to force water through the drain pipes that helps clean up accumulated waste.

The most common form of drain cleaner is the plunger. A plunger is designed in a circular shape and is propelled up into the drainpipe to loosen and clear the obstruction. This is one of the easiest ways of cleaning the drain. However, it has its own disadvantages.

Due to its slow movement, it takes a lot of time to clear the drain from the clog. Another disadvantage of using a plunger is the possibility of causing injuries when pushed up against the wall of the pipe. This is because they are very sharp at times and the water can damage some objects inside the pipe.

It is advisable that if you wish to use a plunger to clear a clog in your drain that you first check the depth of the drain. This would allow you to know how much water you need to pump out. And make sure that the plunger is completely submerged within the drain before using it to clean. This will prevent any damage to your plumbing.

Another option available is the plunger-cleaning system. This uses the force of a rotating motion to clean the clog. This system is usually attached to the plumbing pipe that leads to the drain.

The rotary pressure of the pump forces the water out from the drain and the dirt is removed as well as any other debris from the pipe. This system is a little slower than the plunger but more effective. However, the disadvantage is that it can cause the drain to be clogged again if the water is not used efficiently.

A drain cleaner can effectively clear your drain by removing all the debris that has accumulated in the pipe and helping you keep your drain clean and free from obstruction. So the next time you have a clog problem and want to deal with it using a drain cleaner, remember that there are many options available to help you.

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